Sir and Babygirl: Forever Bound (Book 4)


In the final installment of the Sir and Babygirl series, it’s all been building up to this. Sir and Babygirl want to be forever and be bound together in ways not everyone can understand. They’re ready to break free from old memories and an old life and create something new, loving, and kinky together. And they’ll do it with humor, love, and a bit of kinky fuckery along the way.


Babygirl aka Katie has come a long way since her first meeting with Johnathan, her loving Sir. She’s had to face fears, overcome doubts, and learn to love again. She’s also had to deal with disdain and anger over the BDSM life that makes her feel alive and complete.

Sir has raised his family, survived divorce, and knows exactly what he wants – a kinky and loving life with Babygirl. Can the family rifts be healed? Will Babygirl wear his collar?

In this final installment of their adventures together, Sir and Babygirl move forward with their future plans with humor, love, and hot, kinky sex.

Will they be forever bound?

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Sir and Babygirl: Forever Bound (Book 4)


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