Family Ties (Book 3)


In the third book of the Sir and Babygirl series, it’s time for Johnathan and Katie to take their relationship to a new level. It’s time to meet the family. Can they survive the melding of their two lives and the surprises that await both of them? Find out how they handle this next step in their relationship and if their kinky BDSM lifestyle can handle it, too.


Johnathan is ready to take his relationship with Katie to a whole new level. His kids are away at college, and his sister has moved out. After months together, discovering their love and a D/s relationship as Sir and Babygirl that works for them, it’s time to meet the extended family.

Will Babygirl be able to move past her own anxieties? Can they survive the expectations of their families? And what happens to Sir and Babygirl next? Find out in the third set of adventures between a loving Dominant man and his willing and eager Babygirl.

Family Ties contain scenes of consensual acts of BDSM and explicit kinky sex.

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