About Us

The Kinky Fuckery Shop is the collaboration between John Brownstone and Kayla Lords, two kinksters who love each other and kink very much. Here you’ll find the productive of our creative endeavors from self-published erotica to handmade kink toys and whatever else we come up with next.

Together we’re sex bloggers, podcasters, and (hopefully) helpful human beings on the internet. John’s a Dominant, sadist, and all-around nice guy. Kayla is a submissive babygirl masochist with a sassy streak. We’re mostly fueled by coffee which is our love language.

To get an idea of who we are, check out our websites or follow us on social media.

Southern Sir’s Place


Loving BDSM

Masturbation Monday

The Smutlancer

We help people learn about themselves, turn them on, and give you a way to enjoy your own type of kinky fuckery!